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Business Coaching Services

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Business Coaching

Defining and achieving exceptional Business Growth.


Our Business Consultancy Program works with businesses over 12 months or 99 days depending on your requirements and schedule. We partner with you to achieve the greatest result – culture, structure, performance, revenue, cash flow. This is the whole package to transform your business to greatness.While you’re dealing with the challenges you’ve encountered, it’s always a good idea to seek extra support when you need it.

  • We know what it takes to get a great result.

  • We don’t take a share of your business and we don’t hold you to ransom.

  • We do engage at all levels of the business and develop a customer centric, performance enhanced, culture driven business.

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Professional development

Dynamic and targeted.


Professional Development is a buzz word that many use for coaching services, courses, classes, workshops, really anything relating to an action you take to grow yourself professionally.

Work with a dedicated coach to develop and enhance those skills essential to your professional growth and achieve more than you ever thought possible. In a challenging, supportive and confidential environment to develop your skills and expertise.

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Leadership Transition

How to successfully transition to a new role at work in 99 days.


Just been promoted to a new position? Looking to take a new one on? Finally landed that new job? Hit the ground running before you even set foot in the door.

The program provides practical, relevant resources to speed the time to effectiveness of leaders in new roles. At each transition, a leader needs to adopt new and different behaviours to succeed. This ability (or failure) to recognize, navigate, and make personal changes influences the effectiveness of leaders over time. Leadership Transition helps leaders avoid pitfalls, absorb information quickly, recognize opportunities, establish productive relationships, build momentum and form strong teams.

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Improve productivity and organisation

Get organised, Improve business efficiency and productivity and eliminate waste through Lean Six Sigma.

Need a more efficient work place and methods of production while making fewer errors in your operations?

Lean is a methodology pioneered by Toyota which reduces non-value added activities and leads to reduced production and operational times.

Six Sigma, developed by Motorola and made famous by GE, is a methodology to identify and reduce variability and mistakes. Ensuring quality is guaranteed in your bottom line.

Combining these two powerful process improvement methodologies enabled you to build upon your current operations to become more adaptable, safer, and faster while reducing costs and valuing your workforce.

You will:

  • Optimise your critical processes

  • Decrease errors and defects

  • Improve customer satisfaction through improved quality, production or process time and service

  • Grow your business, become more efficient and improve profitability

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Achieving balance

Learn how to find the right balance in your life.


We all hear about work life balance but what about balancing the various facets within yourself as well? Learn how to enhance family, health, finance, work and social goals and commitments while looking after your own personal needs and goals.